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The Little Company that could…

For some reason we are drawn to BIG. Big houses, Big SUVs, Big franchises, Big wins, Big fails etc etc. Perhaps we find some kind of solace or sense of security in BIG. I would like to challenge that notion. Journey with me for a minute... back to your younger years. What was it about the small supermarket where your mom knew ... More

Spring Cleaning

Yes, there is still lots of snow on the ground. It's been a hard winter with 500 CM of snow and counting! With the time change recently and longer days, I don't know about you but I feel like I need to start planning for a new season... Spring! This snow will go away sooner than later, it always does. A great way to kick ... More

Word of Mouth?

What does “Word of Mouth” mean anyways? How about this for a definition... "http://bit.ly/1zK3xqH In marketing, word-of-mouth communication (WOM) involves the passing of information between a non-commercial communicator (i.e. someone who is not rewarded) and a receiver concerning a brand, a product, or a service.[2] ... More


Happy New Year friends! I trust you had an enjoyable time with family and friends over the holidays. The kids are back to school which means we are all back to work and starting all of our routines. I wish everyone an enjoyable and prosperous new year. The weather. Yes, the weather has certainly given us something to ... More

Christmas Baking, Cleaning and Visiting made easier

December 2, 2013 Happy Monday! The Christmas decorations are up, most of them anyways! Maybe the tree has even been put up and decorated too. Christmas parties are beginning and gatherings with family and friends are starting as well. Shopping. yes, Christmas shopping is arduous for most of us. Even if you enjoy the malls ... More

A Fresh Idea for Turkey Leftovers

A fresh idea for Turkey Leftovers I trust that everyone enjoyed some time with family and friends over a meal or two or even three! We are very fortunate as a Steen family to have a happy, healthy family this year; so much to be thankful for! I am a pretty big fan of turkey and in some ways an even bigger fan of turkey ... More

A Stitch in Time Saves, Nine

Autumn Lawn Care So, I know how much you have enjoyed cutting, raking and fertilizing your lawn all summer. It will be hard to say goodbye to that weekly chore but you will get over it; you will be getting out your shovel soon enough. Just before you put that lawn mower and fertilizer spreader away for another season, I want ... More

Grandma’s Cleaning Secrets

Cleaning Secrets from Grandma Natural cleaning at home. It really is easy and very inexpensive. We all want to be a friend to the environment but we also want our homes to be clean and healthy. Many Eco-friendly products are expensive and often don’t work that well. Want to pay more and get less? No, I didn't think so… I ... More