The Little Company that could…

The-Little-Engine-That-Could-4webFor some reason we are drawn to BIG. Big houses, Big SUVs, Big franchises, Big wins, Big fails etc etc. Perhaps we find some kind of solace or sense of security in BIG. I would like to challenge that notion. Journey with me for a minute… back to your younger years. What was it about the small supermarket where your mom knew the butcher (Brady Bunch) that made the grocery trip all the more fun? What was it about the Service Station where dad would bring his car and talk sports or politics with the mechanic – why did it feel like such a cool experience? I have so many fond memories of going to the Barber with my dad on Saturday mornings, how about you..?

What about today? When we travel South to escape the cold winter? Every resort has a sandy beach, free drinks and food and plenty of sunshine but what do you talk most about when you get home? Why do you book the same resort for next year? May I suggest that it’s the personal service. The family like service you get from your Butcher, your Mechanic, your Barber and the warm and friendly Resort Staff.

How do we stand out at HAPPYFLOORS.CA? It’s the concierge type service we provide to our customers. To be agile and not bound by big business red tape is what defines us. Have an issue or need a special cleaning due to an event at your office? Big boss is coming for an inspection? Just pick up the phone and call me… Kevin @ 874-6040. Think of us as the umbrella in your drink, your favorite magazine at the Barber or that special cut on your steak you have been thinking about all week.