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We want you and your staff to never think of us. When we do our jobs right, we go unnoticed. The garbage was emptied, the floors are clean, no finger marks in the glass and no dust bunnies to chase! We are the unsung heroes who come in after hours to clean and sanitize your office spaces and deliver peace of mind that your staff know you care for their well being.

Clean office spaces look great; however, a clean office is safer than a dirty one. A clean floor free of debris and stains is safer to travel on and healthier. A clean office reduces employee lost time due to illness.

What’s our specialty? Besides being agile and up to new challenges, we toot our own horn in saying we are experts in:

We safely and securely provide janitorial services in healthcare, churches, legal, retail, wholesale, automotive and warehouse environments. So, why not hire HappyFloors.ca to spruce up those floors and make your office sparkle?

Contact us and we will do the dirty work while you can get to work.

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