Who We Are

Good Old Fashioned Service

The milkman. The Appliance repairman. The Butcher. The Full Service Gas Station Attendant. Ah, the good old days. Good service, with a smile and a genuine, “have a nice day Mrs. Smith, see you next time!”

Bringing back, “have a nice day Mrs. Smith, see you next time” is our mission. You can have our word on it, back when your word was like granite.

We are a floor rejuvenating and office cleaning company. We do all the scrubbing and shinning so you can look your best to the most discerning of guests and clients.

Safe products, speedy service is happyfloors.ca trademark. We use industry leading equipment, technology and processes tattooed with old fashioned, “get it done and done right” work ethic.

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Kevin Steen


I am Kevin Steen, Co-owner and Chief Happiness Officer with happyfloors.ca. We started happyfloors.ca in 2013 with the goal of taking over the commercial janitorial world in Moncton and around the world! Having come from a global commercial janitorial services provider, I had a taste for big and expansive. It did not take very long to realize that a small, boutique and customer centered focus was the way to go. Before starting happyfloors.ca, I started a local café and learned what it took to be a small business owner. Hard work, sacrifice and perseverance are the recipes for success.

I am by nature a people person who is fueled by serving others and my community. I have been a volunteer youth football coach for 19 seasons and a youth soccer coach for 12 seasons in our community. I have and continue to serve on various municipal and community committees and boards.

You can rest assured that we don’t promise perfection because no one is but we can assure you we are committed to training the right cleaners the right way and having open communication with you, our customers to make things right.

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Darren Murray


I am married to my wife, Tammy and have 2 amazing adult children. We have lived in the Greater Moncton area most of our lives. I spent the first 30+ years of my career in the hospitality industry where I was blessed to lead some award-winning teams. Most of my hotel career was spent right here in Moncton and was fortunate enough to receive many awards during my career including Excellence in Business from the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce (first time a hotel had won that top honour), Newcomer Award with IHG Hotels, Renovation Award with IHG Hotels, Housekeeping Excellence Award with Sheraton, Guest Service – Top 1% with Hilton.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was given the opportunity to become a small business owner and purchased a commercial janitorial business. My commitment to excellence, along with my customer service back round have led to great success in this field. Kevin Steen, my business partner and I merged our businesses in October 2022 and I am thrilled to own a larger small business known as Happy Floors.

Pouring into people has been my hallmark over my career and I envision this to continue moving forward. The greatest success you can have is lifting people up to a better place in their lives. When our team is HAPPY, then our clients will be HAPPY which, it turn, makes me HAPPY.