What to Expect From a Professional Floor Cleaning Service Company


What to Expect From a Professional Floor Cleaning Service Company

You are not getting the janitorial service free of charges for floor cleaning services, so you deserve to get top value for your money. The janitorial service provider employed for your company should give you your money worth in terms of value and you have got the right to demand for same if they are lacking in that aspect. If they fail to respond as expected, you can decide to dump them for more professional service providers.

So, what are the things you should look out for in that janitorial service provider employed by your company as they carry out floor cleaning services or floor waxing services? What are the specific areas and specific tasks these professional janitorial service providers are supposed to attend? You will learn about these things below.

The lobby

The professional janitorial service provider should properly clean the lobby as well as the waiting area. They should get rid of all forms of dirt that could have accumulated during the previous day in these areas. The lobby and waiting area are among the dirtiest areas in an office building due to heavy human traffic in these areas.  Therefore, the janitorial service provider should be ready to vacuum, polish and wax the floor. The floor waxing services should be carried out properly also. They must equally wipe off fingerprints that could have stained glasses, counters, tables and desks surfaces.  Plants in these areas should also be dusted if their leaves get dirty.

The floor

The floor always bears heavy traffic and therefore, needs to be properly scrubbed to keep it clean. With high heels and hard rubber soled shoes trampling on the floor all through office hours, the “poor” floor deserves thorough scrubbing. Professional floor waxing services providers help to maintain the floor and keep it in good shape for years to come. Properly cleaned floor makes the space looks very clean and accentuates the aesthetics of the building. It pays to get the best floor cleaning services.

Doors and windows

A professional janitorial company should see to the proper cleaning and polishing of the windows and doors in the office building, irrespective of which material the windows and doors are made of; be it glass or wood. The doors and windows should sparkle in all their glories by the time you resume for work the next morning. If the windows and doors are made of glass, they should bear no telltale dust, fingerprints or streaks carried over from the previous day. They should be wiped and washed clean, as this maintains the glasses and prevent permanent stains from occurring on them.

The trash cans

In addition to floor cleaning services and floor waxing services, it is the job of the janitorial service provider to empty the trash baskets too. Trash gets filled fast in a busy office environment – no thanks to office employees eating at their desks and trashing left over. Anything not worthy of the desktop finds its way into the trash. Responsible janitorial company empties the trash and prepares them for next day’s trashing. Un-emptied trash is an eyesore and can make the office environment stink.


Never settle for less when dealing with janitorial service providers for floor cleaning services or floor waxing services. You deserve to get your money worth. Aside from all the tasks discussed above, the janitors should also see to proper cleaning of the bathrooms, railings & handrails, and even the parking lot.